Accès Propriété

Accès Propriété allows all homebuyers to purchase a condo with only $5 000 in down payment whilst obtaining by Acces Propriété an additional 5% credit, which must be repaid when the condo is resold of refinanced. Build equity on your home.

Accès propriété

Become a homeowner with only 5 000 $!

Buying a $200,000 Mont-Joli condo unit
Sale price of the property: $200,000
5% cash down from Accès Propriété: $10,000
Amount to be paid by buyer: $190,000
Minimum contribution from the buyer: $5,000
Financing available (upon credit approval): $185,000
4 years later… You decide to sell your condo
Estimated value of the condo in 4 years: $230,000
Cash advance reimbursed to Accès Propriété (5% of $230,000): $11,500
Net value to buyer 4 years later: $218,000
Amount paid by buyer upon purchase: $190,000
Potential gains with only $5,000 down payment from the buyer: $28,500

Habiter Montréal

All Mont-Joli condos are eligible to Habiter Montréal’s financial assistance program. For more information and for eligibility conditions details, visit the Habiter Montréal website.

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